Offshore Surveying

Edwards and Associates Ltd., through contracts with larger offshore positioning companies, has been involved in a wide array of offshore positioning projects on a world-wide basis. Some of the countries where personnel have worked include Ghana, Ivory Coast, Great Britain, Brazil, and United States of America.

Offshore projects are carried out using the latest in positioning techniques with personnel being functionally familiar with the following positioning systems: Radio Navigation: Loran-C, Argo, Syledis, Trisponder and Mini-Ranger Satellite: Trimble, Magnavox, Leica, Ashtech Satellite Receivers StarFix and Skyfix Satellite systems. Differential Satellite Positioning Acoustic Systems Long baseline, short baseline, and ultra-short baseline positioning systems; single beam and multi-beam echo sounders. Software Packages: Integrated navigation software including Winfrog and Navpak; Differential GPS software for data collection, analysis and adjustments CARIS Geographic Information Systems for Windows H.I.P.S. (Hydrographic Information Processing Systems) to process multi-beam echo sounder data. S.I.P.S (Sonar Image Processing Systems) Various Coordinate geometry and geodetic software packages

Edwards and Associates Ltd. can become as involved as the client requires in any project, large or small. This would include observing/operating, project management, supervision, quality control and client representations. The company has been involved with positioning offshore drilling platforms (floating and jack-up), offshore geotechnical surveys, route location surveys for submerged fiber optic cables and pipelines, and air-borne geotechnical surveys.

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