Construction Supervision and Project Management

Edwards and Associates Ltd. has a policy that states that the role of the construction supervisor is two-fold:

1. The company will at all times keep the interest of the client in mind. 2. The safety of the general public and the workers involved in a project will be maintained at all times.

Services offered in construction supervision and project management include arrangement and coordination of meetings between the client and the contractor; preparation of status reports that provide accurate records of the time, material and money that has been invested in a project at any given time; contract negotiations with the contractor to insure the client is getting quality workmanship for the funds being expended; recording and administration of change order forms to insure that the client is receiving a quality project that comes in on time and within budget; scheduling of events to insure that no sub-disciplines involved in the project fall behind schedule; and review of pre-qualifying documentation to insure the contractor is capable of meeting the specifications presented in the contract documents.