Construction Surveying

Edwards and Associates Ltd. has supplied a wide variety of surveying services to the construction industry. Through experience, the company has realized that client needs are fundamental in designing survey procedures on any project. It is not necessary to get involved in costly survey procedures that yield millimeter accuracies when, practically speaking, the client only requires centimeter or decimeter accuracies.

Services offered by Edwards and Associates Ltd. include site and route investigation surveys, quantity surveys, alignment surveys, building layout surveys, etc. With properly designed survey procedures, personnel from Edwards and Associates Ltd. can guide, check and monitor the construction and placements of components of a project to any specified accuracy. In large projects, the firm would establish communications between survey crews to insure that every aspect of the monitoring process has redundant checks. Generally, a construction supervisor would be put in place to control the flow of information and to insure that client specifications are being met.

In addition to the above, Edwards and Associates Ltd.’s personnel are accustomed to working with and preparing unit price contract documents for construction projects.