Dimensional Control

Given the technical complexity and high construction cost of today’s projects there is no room for errors. The best solution is high-level project planning and dimensional control.

Edwards and Associates Ltd. offer professional services in all aspects of dimensional control including pre-analysis, design and set out of precise positional reference systems; preparation of standards, specifications and procedures to meet demanding accuracies; design of equipment calibration procedures to insure that specified accuracies are being met; preparation of as-built surveys; design of unambiguous reporting procedures to insure that the client is fully aware of any deviations observed during field surveys; control and monitoring of dimensions during welding procedures; control and monitoring of assemblies during trial fits and during permanent interfacing of components; verification of dimensions during arrival inspections of mechanical equipment and assemblies; and implementation of QA/QC procedures.

Personnel at Edwards and Associates Ltd. can provide dimensional control for any size project. Field and/or shop procedures are designed to facilitate near real-time analysis of deviations or deformations. This lessens the lag time between the monitoring of a component and any corrective action that may be required to bring the unit into acceptable tolerances.

Edwards and Associates Ltd. is continually applying innovative thinking and creative solutions to dimensional control problems.

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