Information Management

Edwards and Associates Ltd., has been involved in digital information services since 1992. The Company completed the first digital property index map in the province of Newfoundland for the Government of Newfoundland on the Town of St. Lawrence.

Recently Edwards & Associates Ltd. developed infoTOWN™ a municipal based GIS application using CARIS for Windows and the latest OOP (Object Oriented Programming) development languages. Communication between these software packages was accomplished via Dynamic Data Exchange and Compound API interfaces. This application has been designed to be user friendly, affordable and functional. Major themes in the application center on land and infrastructure management. The application can operate effectively on a singular theme, such as sewer system infrastructure, or it can provide query capabilities on all aspects of municipal government. Queries can be initiated from either graphic or database files with the application software providing the link between these components.

In addition to the municipal application discussed above, Edwards & Associates Ltd. offer services in data capture and conversion; database structure and management; spatial, image, terrain, network and topology analysis; map production; hydrographic information processing and digital geological mapping, custom information systems and solutions.

Edwards & Associates Ltd. also has the capabilities to assess information needs of clients and provide realistic and affordable solutions to information problems. Edwards and Associates Ltd. has experience in the fields of computer maintenance and repair; network installation (cabling, Operating Systems, Servers, Workstations, etc..), troubleshooting, maintenance, and streamlining based on Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks with MS Windows NT Server and Novell Networks.

Other capabilities include training staff in the efficient and effective usage in many popular software products and networking technologies either on-site or in-house with proven curriculum or based upon custom curriculum specified by the client. When necessary, the Company will develop “turn-key” solutions that consist of hardware, software, and training components.