Land Surveying

Land surveying is the foundation on which Edwards and Associates Ltd. was built and has grown to offer the wide array of surveying services now available. All principals with the company are Registered Land Surveyors in one or more jurisdictions in Canada.

The fundamentals of land surveying have not changed drastically over the years, but the equipment employed coupled with the accuracy requirements and the many variables have made it a challenging career.

Personnel participating in land surveying can expect to be involved in client relations, report writing, field surveying, survey computations and plan preparation using the latest in survey software packages. Recently satellite positioning has become part of land surveying, and Edwards and Associates Ltd. was the first company to successfully complete a control project employing this technology in the province of Newfoundland.

The more conventional survey equipment that personnel are familiar with includes electronic total stations, data collectors, optical/mechanical theodolites, automatic levels, parallel plate micrometers, and steel chains. In-house software packages presently include CivilCAD; AutoCAD; InCAD; CARIS; several word processing, spreadsheet and database packages; and various other coordinate geometry programs.

The extensive experience and education of the principals of the company has prepared us to take on any survey project, large or small, simple or complex, and provide clients with an accurate and cost-effective service.

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