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Edwards & Associates is in a position to render consulting services in a variety of applications including site representation during Engineering Services, construction and Geomatics projects. Preparation of tender documents to protect the client and insure that all needs are met; design of survey procedures and communication links to insure that projects proceed in accordance with dimensional specifications; design of survey networks or reference systems to facilitate cost-effective geometric monitoring of construction projects; and design of calibration procedures to insure that the equipment being employed on a project meets manufacturer’s specifications and is capable of obtaining required accuracies.

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project management

It entails managing and evaluating the day-to-day activities of an engineering team. Engineering project management includes monitoring the process when engineers, architects and manufacturers collaborate to design and deliver a project. It also entails assessing proposals and coordinating much of the project budgeting and cost analyses.

quality control & assurance

Edwards & Associates consults with constructors and owners for Quality Control and Assurance. The company has been involved on most major industrial projects in NL, including Hibernia, Terra Nova, Muskrat Falls, Hebron and White Rose.

project & construction management

Edwards & Associates offers a full array of project and construction management related to municipal engineering and industrial fabrication.

health, safety & environment

Edwards & Associates offers 3rd party reviews of health and safety programs to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory regimes.

procurement services

Edwards & Associates has developed rigorous protocols to ensure contractors procurement activities are fair and aboveboard. These services involve activities such as regular status reporting, field inspections and documentation of onsite materials to be used during a job.

town infrastructure management

Edwards & Associates has developed proprietary online geographic information systems to assist municipalities in managing their infrastructure visualization, including municipal zoning maps and land development and ownership data sets.

Our object in the construction of the state is the greatest happiness of the whole


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Our object in the construction of the state is the greatest happiness of the whole

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CEO at Compaxit

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