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Land management is fundamental to peace, order and good governance. A reliable parcel and boundary delineation can protect both your own land interests and those subsequent to you. Here are some great reasons to get get a land survey:

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Subdividing or selling a portion of land
  • To define a Right-of-Way or Easement
  • Help solve a land dispute
  • Applications for Crown Land
  • Delineating old boundaries on Family Land

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Land Surveying

Edwards & Associates is available to assist with all of your land surveying and boundary retracement needs.

Real Property Reports

A Real Property Report is a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of visible structures and improvements relative to property boundaries.

Crown Land Surveying

Crown land may be granted to an individual through various avenues by means of application. Examples include adverse possession (squatters rights), grant, lease or license. All land acquired through a Crown Land Application requires a legal survey to be completed by a licensed Newfoundland Land Surveyor.


Edwards & Associates offers site analysis, ground testing, design and approval of residential and commercial septic systems, in compliance with all regulatory authorities.

Land Partitioning

Partition or Subdivision of Land: The subdivision of land is a usual task undertaken by surveyors in property surveys. When tracts of land are sold or inherited it is often necessary to divide it into smaller parcels or into areas having certain proportions to each other.

Land Development

Land development project plan is the action done by a Land Surveyor in order to divide or sub-divide in lots one or many properties in view of creating houses, industries or commerce, parks and roads.

Topographic Surveying

A topographic survey locates all surface features of a property, and depicts all natural features and elevations. In essence it is a 3-dimensional map of a 3-dimensional property showing all natural and man-made features and improvements.

Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic surveying is an important engineering service that determines the physical features of an underwater area. Similar to topographic or land surveys, these surveys use special equipment to measure and define the seafloor topography and depths of a body of water to support marine construction and navigation.

UAV Surveying

Surveying with a drone offers enormous potential to GIS professionals, engineers and project managers. With a drone, it is possible to carry out topographic surveys of the same quality as the highly accurate measurements collected by traditional methods, but in a fraction of the time. UAV Surveying has the added benefit of enabling access to remote and hazardous locations, without placing personnel at risk.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a well-established method of monitoring civil structures such as bridges, tunnels, and buildings. GPR is also used as part of a nondestructive detection method to identify underlying features or buried services.

Reality Capture Specialists

Reality Capture is a photogrammetry software solution that helps you create multipurpose 3D models and datasets from high definition photographs or laser scans. Reality Capture vastly improves productivity, accuracy, quality, and safety throughout the project.

Forensic Surveying

A Forensic Survey is a detailed investigation into all available evidence, both physical (on the ground) and written (deeds and maps) concerning the issue at hand. Quite often these Forensic Surveys deal with hundreds of pieces of evidence that are collected and used for a Court Case.

Construction Staking

Construction Staking, also known as a Site Layout Survey, is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of existing underground infrastructure or proposed new structures such as pipelines, underground cables or buildings. Construction staking is performed to ensure a project is built according to engineering design plans.

HD Laser Scanning

Edwards & Associates uses high definition laser scanning for reality capture of large geospatial data sets, including spillways, quality analysis, precise dimensional control and infrastructure clash avoidance.

Dimensional Control

Combining precise measurements and 3D mathematical modeling, dimensional control enables objects to be surveyed, analyzed and compared with their original designs.

Dimensional control is primarily about controlling time and risk. It speeds up projects and reduces risk, both in the chance of there being a failure to fit, and to that of people, by reducing hot work and unnecessary rework on site.

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